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Shaman Heart: Turning Pain into Passion & Purpose

with lead author & singer, Stephanie Urbina Jones, April 2022, Brave Healer Productions
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Chapter 9 Mantra, Mudra, & More: Staying Connected to Your Higher Self During Times of Crisis


This chapter is about my current spin on the wheel of transformation and navigating a painful shamanic death and rebirth as it pertains to my marriage and home. I received guidance and inspiration from my guides and higher self which provided me with concrete action steps and an understanding to proceed slowly through the turmoil. My ‘medicine’ encompasses a series of mudras and various toning practices to help one stay grounded and centered when faced with stress or distress. Shaman Heart is an anthology of heart-wrenching stories told by 26 authors, sharing their journeys through their dark night of the soul and coming out the other side. Your pain becomes your medicine and this is what we have to share with the world.


You are strong enough to take this journey and tell your story. Your tender shaman heart is ready for this expansion and embodiment of truth and love. Stay connected to us, and you will not be led astray, the voices say.

Easier said than done.

The initial days unfold in agonizing slowness, and I often feel I am outside of myself watching someone else’s life. I have a quick sob or two throughout the day as the realization dawns on me that I’ve crossed over a threshold of my own limitations, birthing myself anew.

All books can be purchased on Amazon or by emailing me to purchase directly (New Zealand only)
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