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Spiritual/Shamanic Counseling & Guidance

Central to every shamanic perspective is the concept of the shamanic death and rebirth process – the cycle of death and rebirth is a constant which we encounter many times in our lives. Once this awareness is embraced, rather than ignored, our lives become more enriched and magical.


Through earth honoring practices, sitting in sacred circle, working with god/goddess archetypes & dieties, prayer, mantra, oracle cards, practical exercises, and wisdom gained over decades of study, I work with you in the psycho-spiritual realms to release, reclaim, and jumpstart your life.



Things I can help you with:

* self-love, personal responsibility, boundaries

* understanding your part in relationships (marriage, partnership, parent/child, etc)

* indigenous plant medicine integration and deciphering

* anger, rage, emotional suppression & release

* guidance on deathwalking a loved one

* re-connecting with your intuition and claiming back your Sacred YES

* living a magical and joyful life


A typical counseling/guidance session may look like:


* opening of medicine wheel & invocation

* check-in, body scan, discussion of what’s going on for you

* meditation / visualisation / counselling & guidance

* a breathwork session



I work with my guides and tutelary animals, especially the octopus and starfish, to weave the threads of your life together, to make sense of patternings, to help see what you can’t see. 

Sessions Available

Free 15 minute call

Let's arrange a call to see if we are a good fit for each other.

1-1.5 hour initial session

In this initial session we connect and discuss what you want to achieve and review body, mind, spirit, and heart realms.  May include short  Shamanic Breathwork session

On-going sessions

After an initial in-take session, we will do subsequent 1-2 hour sessions depending on your needs.  The length depends on whether a breathe is desired.

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Kathy Guidi



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