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Shamanism:  Personal Quests of Communion with
Nature and Creation

with main author don Oscar Miro Quesada, October 2022, Sacred Stories Publishing 
Soul to Soul Siblings


My story is about meeting a deceased sister whom I never met in this lifetime during a plant medicine ceremony and have the opportunity to engage with her as souls.


“Your dad never went to see her,” my mom gently explained.


Sitting around the sun infused kitchen nook gazing out at the billowing clouds overlooking the lake, my mom continued, “He would drive me to the children’s home and wait outside while I went in. Dad couldn’t do it, and he never saw her again after she was born.”


Nearly fifty years had gone by before I’d heard this story. My only living sibling and I were visiting our parents, and I was querying our mom and grandmother about family history.


They rarely talked about her much, my younger sister who never came home from the hospital yet lived to be nearly two years old. This was a rare occasion they were open to talk about her and that time.

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