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Shamanic Breathwork

When we begin to breathe deeply and rapidly for an extended period, the ego begins to move aside, allowing the higher self to emerge and begin to pilot our consciousness to where we most need to go for healing and heightened awareness.

- Linda StarWolf, founder Shamanic Breathwork

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Shamanic Breathwork utilizes a dynamic breathing process called conscious connected breathing along with chakra attuned music, bodywork, and an art integration & sharing process. You are guided on a journey where you can drop deep and tune in to your inner wisdom and achieve an altered state of consciousness, by-passing the ego mind, and tap into what’s underneath the surface thereby leading you to experience whatever is needed for your highest growth and healing.


During a breathwork session, you can experience any number of states of being from anger & grief, to utter bliss and connection to the cosmos; you can have a womb memory experience (rebirth), you might uncover childhood memories; or you may experience downloads or a deep Knowing. The full spectrum of humanness is available and no two breathwork journeys are the same.

Shamanic Breathwork is a healing modality where YOU are your own healer, YOU are your own shaman, and YOU contain all the information you need for inner transformation and healing.

“I endeavor to create a very safe container for YOU to undergo your process for transformation. Whatever needs to come up for you that day can come up to be seen, understood, and healed. It is imperative during these phenomenal times we are living through that all emotions are expressed and moved through the body."


Note: Shamanic Breathwork/ Conscious Connected Breathing is not suitable if you: have cardio vascular problems/heart conditions or epilepsy; are pregnant; had recent surgery; experience mental health issues. Please reach out to Kathy to discuss; you absolutely can attend but will do a relaxed version of the breathwork.

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Group Breathwork Sessions

 2-3-hour breathwork workshops. Either regular workshop (2 hrs) or full breathwork/shamanic journeying with the art integration and sharing circle process (3 hrs).

$45 - $65

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1:1 Breathwork Session

Options for 2 hour or 3 hour sessions. Working 1:1 allows for a deeper journey where you can go deeper and be fully held and supported during the process.

2 hrs:  $150

3 hrs:  $225

Private Groups / Retreats

I am happy to facilitate breathwork for your group or retreat either at Birdsong or elsewhere. Get in touch to discuss.  

$$ TBD

Schedule for 2023

SEPTEMBER 8-10:  Shamanic Breathwork Offering @ the New Zealand Association of Breathworkers (NZAB) Gathering / Auckland
SEPTEMBER 30:  Shamanic Breathwork Journey, Christchurch, with colleague SBW Facilitator Josh Beaumont and myself as guest floorwalker
OCTOBER 13-15: WildFeminine: Soul Medicine Women's Retreat, South Canterbury
NOVEMBER 11: Shamanic Breathwork Journey, Chirstchurch, Marry Potter Center with myself and Josh Beaumont facilitating.  (Ticketing and more info coming soon!)
DECEMBER 2: Shamanic Breathwork Journey, Chirstchurch, Marry Potter Center with myself and Josh Beaumont facilitating.  (Ticketing and more info coming soon!)
FEBRUARY 3-16, 2024: Shamanic Breathwork Level 1 Training @ Birdsong Retreat, Banks Peninsula with International Teacher Levi Banner
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