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Meet Kathy

Kathy Guidi is a certified Shamanic Breathwork facilitator, ordained minister & spiritual mentor, Reiki master, retreat facilitator, writer, death-positive advocate, and a shamanic practitioner and apprentice in the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition of Peru.


She is co-creator and kaitiaki (steward) of Birdsong Retreat & Sanctuary, a place for wellness and spiritual healing located in rural New Zealand near Christchurch.

On this sacred land she facilitates and organizes small boutique transformational wellness events focusing on shamanism and shamanic practices. She offers group shamanic breathwork sessions and co-facilitates quarterly women’s gatherings. She is also an avid storyteller, writing and sharing about the magic in her life.

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I offer an array of options to work with me: breathwork sessions, counselling, and retreats. I bring the wisdom gained from my own long healing journey (it never ends, we just keep expanding) along with years of training in the shamanic & healing arts and use this to intuitively serve my clients in the best way possible.

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1:1 Breathwork Sessions

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Group Breathwork Sessions

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Spiritual Counselling

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Shamanic Healing

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Womans Retreats

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1:1 WOW (ways of wellness) Retreats

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Client Love

"What I appreciate most about Kathy's sessions is how much thought and care she puts into them, and it really shows. She creates such safe and welcoming environments where anything that comes up is welcomed and held and encouraged to be released. It's not often that facilitators feel comfortable with loud expressions of emotion, but Kathy is a real champion of this and that's special - i have had some great and VERY loud releases in her sessions. Alongside this, the foundation of detail and ritual that is present in Kathy's work is beautiful and makes ritual accessible for all. This is a gift and I thoroughly recommend attending a session with Kathy."

Charlotte, Christchurch


All healing is a progressive increase of levels of experiencing wholeness, completion, balance, equilibrium and most importantly love and deep authentic caring of self, other, world, planet, and cosmos.

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Kathy Guidi



 Breathwork Facilitator with Venus Rising Assoc. for


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